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I like the consistency of the rubber gel

I’m using it as a light overlay on my natural nails to help protect it because I work in a lab and wear gloves all day. So far application is super easy and I appreciate the consistency. I struggle with thicker rubber bases and prefer something with this consistency. So far I only have light chipping on one nail but with the work I do and still getting used to the rubber gel I doubt it will happen on my next application. It also soaks off extremely easy, I don’t know if that is because of the light application or just how the product soaks off but either way the easy soak of makes me interested in their other gel polish.

Love them so far!!

I only just put them on last night and after a brief trial and error and quick trip to YouTube shorts I was able to get the hang of it!! I love them and only hope they stay on like I hope they will!! Don’t mind my nail polish I still need to order gel stuff :P

No-Wipe Diamond Top Coat
Adriana Aguilar
Amazing 😻

Awesome top coat, it’s been a week since I applied and still so shiny. And thank you for the freebies 💜

Saw this on IG

I loved the light pink hearts top coat! I had my nails full set done professionally and then went home and decorated them myself.

Gel glue

So far, I have no allergies to glue. I get to do my nails again. I love it

The most amazing nails ever!

I loved being able to do my nails in such an easy way without having to spend so much time filling and shortening my nails. This was perfect in the shape and size.

Love them!

I love how the feel and look so natural on my nails

XS Almond Gel Tips
Sarajane Levesque
Xs nails

They are wonderful! They stayed on and solid for more than a week! Great nails


Easy to apply, beautiful slightly warmer toned nude, but works for all complexions. I love it.

Gel Glue Sensitive
Molly Rector
Good for the sensitive fingers!

After I developed contact dermatitis from Beetles and Modelones, I was searching for a glue that would let me keep having tips and at home gel without the cracking, bleeding, peeling, and swollen fingers. I used this and didn't have a reaction. When paired with the Gelfully base coat, my tips stayed on for 2+ weeks. Definitely recommend!

Base Coat
Molly Rector

When paired with the Gelfully sensitive glue, my tips stayed on for 2+ weeks. I noticed a retention difference when I started using a primer and base coat, so if you want long lasting tips, this seems to be the ticket!

Not tacky/sticky!

Works like a gem! It wasn't sticky or tacky after curing. It kept my gold foil on my nail for the 2 weeks with zero chipping

XS Almond Gel Tips
Molly Rector
Good quality!

These are a little small for my thumb, but if you have smaller nail beds, these would be perfect for you. They stayed on for over 2 weeks! My middle finger did pop off but that may have been due to me jamming my thumb on a dumbbell, so I wouldnt say this was due to the product itself. Highly recommend these tips and the essentials to apply the tips too

XS Coffin Gel Tips
Molly Rector
Great Sizes

This is the first ever tips set that I have found that fit my thumb. I didnt think I had a wide thumb but usually the tips are too small across and I have to fill in with glue. These worked out so well. I got them to stay for 2+ weeks until I removed them myself. Highly recommend these and they stayed on a lot better when paired with Gelfully's glue and base coat. I wish I'd taken a picture, but def recommend these.

Just buy it

Really pigmented color def. a jam color🥰 I haven't used it yet but I wanna add this to my 90's set I'll do soon🫶🏽

Love it

It's been almost a month since I first tested these out and I have no problems with them at all. I barely had to do any filing.

Gel Glue Sensitive
Jecery Hartman
I love gelfully products

I’ve been using gelfully products for few months already and all are amazing it works well last longer ,the longer I have is 6weeks .and still pretty good looking . I’m so satisfied its 10/10


Love it

Love it

This product along with the primer are great.

Gel Glue Sensitive

This gel glue is amazing and a must have. My sister had an allergic reaction to a regular gel glue from another brand and with this one she did not. We love it.

Rhinestone Gel Glue
Loving it

Used it on my set I have on now and so far so good am loving it

Gelfully Impressed

Uhm...YES! These XS Almond Gel Tips by Gelfully are the perfect length. I've never done nails before, but I think I might be a professional now, or at least that's how I'm feeling after finishing my first DIY mani. If these are sitting in your shopping cart go ahead and check out now!


I love them

This is my first time ordering from gelfully and I love it and plan on ordering more

XXS Almond Gel Tips
Senndy Baide
Really cute nails

Perfect sizing, not too long. Just right. I just started doing my own nails and these were great.